Preschool and Children's Ministries




Worship KidStyle for Kindergarten-3rd grade (9:00am): Our K-5th graders are dismissed from the Worship Service to the Jr. High Youth room to have a worship and review service of their own.

Sunday Morning Bible Study for Preschool and Children (10:15am): Age appropriate Bible Study classes using LifeWay's Gospel Project Curriculum. What happens in Bible Study Bible Study, Life Application, Relationship Building, Fellowship, Mentoring, Discussion.




Preschool and Children's Worship Choir (5:30-6:30pm): This is a time where Preschoolers and Children can learn to worship through song in age appropriate groups.

Mission Friends/RAs/GAs (6:30-7:30pm): Where kids will learn about missionaries and the importance of Missions and evangelism through the WMU programs.



Our Preschool and Children's Entrance is located behind our building. Look for the doors to the right of the playground.